who am i?

Speaking to all visual design employers who are searching for an IVD graduate, I am an approachable, effervescent and bold design enthusiast who achieves success through dedication, collaboration and desire to help society. 
Unlike other graduates, I have unique attributes, skills and personality that are a perfect balance of cooperation and independence, intelligence and humility and humour and professionalism.

Be bold or italic - never just regular
"there are pursuits more worthy of our dedication...it is our responsibility as members of our industry to create positive changes within it"
Design Philosophy 
Personal growth and experiences have expanded my understanding of designs importance and ability to transform current systems, reinforce human empathy and influence cultural change. I am interested in design for purpose in fields such as education, health, public awareness, information design and data visualisation. 
I wish to create a design movement for people to respect their health and wellbeing and form sustainable nutritional behaviours through mission-driven branded projects, concepts and identities. While I am passionate about educating, motivating and probing audiences, I want my designs to remain unique, interactive and exciting. 
My positive approach steams from my effervescent, approachable and authentic personality where I lean towards colourful, illustrative and bold designs which typically attract a youthful audience.
Personal strategy
My vision is to lead projects within industries that strive to enhance people’s quality of life by producing innovative solutions and desirable outcomes. I desire to collaborate with likeminded individuals and work in a high energy, vibrant and open space, whether that be in person or online.
career perspective
My interest in design for purpose guides my career perspective with specific consideration in design roles including data visualisation, information design, way finding and print design. These roles present an opportunity to simplify complex information into easily readable and understandable information which can decrease user confusion and frustration. ​​​​​​​
practice context​​​​​​​
As I desire to create purposeful designs and value health and wellbeing initiatives, I seek employment in companies whose values align with mine. These could include government departments, educational journals and nutrition-based companies. However, I also crave to expand my design experience and industry understanding by working in reputable design agencies where empathy, authenticity and originality are important. ​​​​​​​
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